Steps To Try if Your Awning Is Not Opening

  1. Make sure the awning is plugged in.
  2. Make sure that the outlet is working.

2a. If the outlet is a GFI outlet, make sure it has not tripped.

2b. If the outlet is not a GFI, make sure the breaker for that outlet has not been tripped.

2c. If the awning is controlled by a light switch, make sure the breaker for that switch is not tripped.

Next steps, with Remote in hand:

  1. Push any button and see if the LED light near the bottom illuminates. If the LED light does not display, the battery is dead and needs to be changed. See directions on how to change the battery in your remote.
  2. If you have a multi-channel remote, make sure the very LEFT  LED light (Channel One) illuminates when you push the button under the LED lights. If any other LED light except the left illuminates, then you are on the wrong channel. To fix this, change channels by pushing the button under the LED lights until the LEFT LED light is illuminated. You may have to push the button several times to end up at the left side light (Channel One)