Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Know Before Purchasing a Retractable Awning

What fabric do you use for your awnings?

Futureguard awnings use Sunbrella fabric. Sunbrella is a woven acrylic and is the best outdoor fabric on the market. There are two choices in fabric styles for Sunsetter Awnings: Traditional Laminated fabric and Woven Acrylic fabric.

How high do you need to mount a retractable awning on the wall?

At least 7.5 feet.

Do retractable awnings block the rain?

Retractable awnings are intended to be used as shading devices and are designed for sun protection only. Because of their large surface area, they are also susceptible to wind and weather events. It is incumbent on the operators to pay attention to the weather and retract the awning in poor weather or if the wind picks up. Any damage caused by user neglect, i.e. the awning left out in high winds, rain, or inclement weather will not be covered under warranty.

How are retractable awnings in the wind?

Our awnings do extremely well in windy situations. However, we do recommend that if it is too windy for you to be outside enjoying your awning, you should retract it. For our motorized retractable awnings, we have an optional wind sensor that will retract the awning automatically in high winds. Motion/wind sensors do not, in any way, guarantee against damage from winds in excess of 30 mph.

If you do not have enough mounting space on the wall, can you mount a retractable awning on the roof or soffit?

Absolutely! As an authorized dealer/installer, the factories will sell us roof mount brackets that enable us to install the awning on the roof where vertical space is limited. Only an authorized dealer can do this work.

Where will the awning be located? What will give the most additional living space?

Southernly and Westernly facing patios and decks are the most common locations. If you have low-head room or a restricted mounting area, we have specially designed brackets allowing the entire unit to be safely mounted on the roof. Our awning professional can help you maximize the added living space from your new retractable awning.

How will the awning be mounted to my home?

When we visit your home, we will be able to determine the best way to mount your awning. The most common mounts for awning installations are wall mounts, roof mounts, and under-overhang mounts. To make sure you are 100% satisfied, we will review and confirm your choices to make sure your awning meets and exceeds your expectations.

How far will the awning project from the mounting wall?

Each awning is custom made. 10′ is the most common distance, but larger depths, 11’8″, and smaller models are available to meet your needs. The maximum pitch can be adjusted to 45 degrees in most cases.

How quickly can I get my new awning installed?

The normal lead time is a few weeks. Give us a call for an on-site estimate at your home.

Do I have to take down my awning and store it over the winter?

No. Just close your awning and leave it on your house all year long.

Can I install the awning myself?

If you have basic carpentry skills and knowledge of home construction, you can install the awning yourself. However, there are many other important considerations before starting a do-it-yourself installation. An average awning weighs between 150-330 lbs. That is a serious weight to be lifting 9′ to 11′ in the air. Finding a solid area in a wall is not easy. Some installations go as planned and others are very difficult, even for us. We encourage you to speak with our awning professional and let him help guide you through the decision-making process.

How much does an awning cost?

It all depends on what best fits your needs, budget, and desired appearance. You are investing in shade and weather protection while expanding your living area. Factors include how big a space you want to cover, fabric and mounting options, traditional style or enclosed cassette, and if you would like a motorized awning for your convenience.

Can we see the awnings in person?

Yes! We would be happy to meet you at our warehouse in Holden Massachusetts where we have several models of retractable awnings installed.

Do you have references from your past clients?

We will proudly share them with you and encourage you to speak with our customers.

How do we get started?

We want to help you get more information about your new awning so you can make the best decisions. To request a free quote or set an appointment, contact us today at 508-736-4874 or fill out a request for us to contact you through the form on our website.