Terms & Conditions

A full copy of the Massachusetts Awnings ‘Terms & Conditions’ outlined below are provided with every estimate and sale

Estimates are valid for thirty (30) days.

Retractable awnings are intended to be used as shading devices and are designed for sun protection only. Motion/wind sensors do not, in any way, guarantee against damage from winds in excess of 20-25 mph.

It is incumbent on the customer to pay attention to the weather and retract the awning if the wind picks up, or if it starts to rain, snow, or hail.

Every home’s construction is different depending on the age of the home. Because of this fact and because awnings require brackets to be placed near the arms, there are times that we need to move the awning to the right or left of the intended installation locations to ensure a secure physical connection to the home. If during installation, Massachusetts Awning is unable to find any studs or rafters near enough to the awning to be usable, we will inform you before proceeding and discuss the options that are available to move forward.

It is the obligation of the customer to consider how the sun moves in the sky and casts the shadow at their location. Short projection awnings or sun that travels to the side of the awning or is at a steep angle will have the largest negative impact on the shading. Massachusetts Awning will not relieve the customer from their responsibility to make payment if it turns out they are unhappy with the shading situation after the awning is installed. Angled sun can affect the shade cast by the awning at your location.


Massachusetts Awnings requires fifty (50%) of the total order due at the time of order placement with the remaining fifty (50%) balance due at the time of installation. Massachusetts Awning shall retain title to all goods pending receipt of the entire purchase price. NO Warranty will be in force when the agreed-upon balance of the contract has not been paid.

The Customer covenants and agrees that upon his default by the failure to pay any part of or the entire purchase price when due, or otherwise, Massachusetts Awning shall, at its option, have the right to pursue the following:

a. Without judicial action, take possession of all said property and all payment made by the Customer up to the time of said default shall be applied as rent and depreciation on said property for and during the time the property is in the Customer’s possession. Permission is granted to re-enter the property to remove said property; Massachusetts Awning is granted permission to re-enter Customer’s land or structure to remove said property; and/or,

b. Bring legal action to collect all monies due Massachusetts Awning under the terms of this agreement; and/or,

c. Enforce and foreclose a lien against the said property without further notice to the Customer; and/or,

d. Void any warranties and pursue any other remedy available to said the company in law or in equity.

The estimated delivery date of this order is subject to contingencies beyond the control of Massachusetts Awning, including but not limited to fires, strikes, lockout, inability to secure material, labor or transportation, inclement weather, accidents, Acts of God, and unavailability of Customer. In the event of the occurrence of such contingency, the estimated delivery date shall be extended by equal duration to the extent of the duration of such contingency.


Massachusetts Awning covers the physical connection of the awning to the house (the installation) for two (2) years from the date of attachment as well as labor for the first two (2) years of the manufacturer’s warranty.

The following is not covered by the Massachusetts Awning installation warranty: 

1. Damage caused by accident, negligence, water pooling, misuse, abuse, alteration and failure to follow instructions, improper operations, windstorm, rainstorm, fire, flood, earthquakes, and other acts of God or failure to provide a reasonable degree of maintenance or any other condition in which Massachusetts Awning has no control.

2. Damage resulting from repair or attempted repair by a non-authorized Massachusetts Awning service technician.

3. Damage/deterioration to any fabric or valence free-hanging loose in the wind.

4. Freight costs to return the product to the factory for repair.


As an independent Sunsetter dealer, Massachusetts Awning has a standard discount for Sunsetter awnings. Your salesperson will review this with you. Any other direct to consumer (DTC) discounts from Sunsetter can only be redeemed by purchasing the awning direct from the manufacturer.